Halloween has come and gone, leaving only a few empty candy wrappers as a reminder of the fun and spooky season. For many, now is the time to dust off their favorite holiday decorations and make festive plans. Is there a reason to get a head start on the holidays? According to psychologists, there is: People who decorate earlier for the holidays are happier. 

While filling your home with lights and decorations brings you joy, the holidays aren’t the same without the smell—and taste—of your favorite baked goods, snacks, or beloved family recipes. Plan a little holiday home maintenance to make sure your appliances are in working order. This includes performing a deep clean and giving them a test run. Then, contact maintenance at The Pines at Montclair for any assistance so you can focus on creating new holiday memories. 

Deep Cleaning Time

As any serious cook or baker will tell you, it’s vital to keep your appliances clean to ensure they are in complete working order. Consumer Reports surveyed owners of almost 400,000 appliances; the results indicated 6 percent of people reported problems with cooking elements working properly on ranges. At the same time, another 5 percent of respondents said their refrigerators didn’t cool properly. 

Here are some cleaning suggestions to minimize any surprises with your appliances:

  • Scrub the stove and set your oven to cleaning mode to ensure the burners and heat elements are doing their job.
  • Did you know your refrigerator has tiny wheels? Unplug it, carefully slide it away from the wall, and then remove the dust from the mechanical coils.
  • A lot of hot meals means you’ll be going through dishes at a faster rate. Check your dishwasher to make sure the dishes come out clean. Here’s a tip: Place a dishwasher-safe cup of white vinegar on the top rack and run a full cycle.

These deep-cleaning tips can help ensure a happier holiday season.

Trial Recipes

Now is an excellent time to test out some new or familiar dishes before the holidays. Call your aunt for her famous cookie recipe or try your hand at your favorite homemade mashed potatoes. Then, load up the dishwasher to make sure everything comes out clean. This test run will let you know if there are any issues with your appliances and allow plenty of time to have them addressed before that big holiday dinner. 

Don’t Forget About Our Maintenance Crew

The staff here at The Pines at Montclair want to help you make happy holiday memories and not worry about appliance maintenance. We encourage you to reach out to our on-site 24-hour maintenance teams to address any appliance repairs you may require. Whether your holiday home maintenance request is big or small, visit The Pines at Montclair’s Resident Portal and submit a work order. Our staff will respond promptly and set an appointment to address your needs. 

This year, get a headstart on the holidays by giving your appliances a deep cleaning, testing out a few favorite recipes, and reaching out to your maintenance team early with any issues. From all of us at The Pines at Montclair, we wish you the merriest of holidays!