This summer is unique, to say the least! Fortunately, even the social distancing guidelines can’t stop you and your kids from having a fun and memorable summer in Montclair! Here are five fun activities to do with the kids this summer:

1. Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

Kids love to spend time outside; why not make it more interactive by going on a neighborhood scavenger hunt together? Print off this free scavenger hunt checklist and pack anything else they might need to assist them in this endeavor (binoculars, clipboard, pencil, sunglasses, and snacks for energy). They’ll love checking off their scavenger list items as they find them in the neighborhood. Plus, you’ll have a great conversation, some leisurely exercise, and plenty of Montclair sunshine!

2. Arts and Crafts

When boredom strikes, arts and crafts supplies can unlock a new level of creativity and excitement within your kids. Put together a crafting area in your home for your kids to resort to whenever they need it. Or, simply organize all of the crafting supplies in designated drawers or bins for easy set-up and clean-up of craft time. If you’re hesitant to let your kid take the lead on crafting projects, you can organize a set project that you can do together. If you need some inspiration, here are 50 crafting ideas to get you started.

3. Cooking Together

Kids love to help in the kitchen! Maybe it’s because they feel like it’s a leap of independence, or maybe it’s because they get a meal or treat at the end of it. Either way, we like it because it’s a great way to have fun engaging with your child while also teaching them an important life skill. To get started, pick quick and easy recipes that kids are excited about. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Over time, their attention spans may increase while cooking, and if you’re lucky, they’ll soon be making you breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily!

4. Nature Hike

Enjoy the beauty of California’s outdoors by taking your kids on a nature hike. One suggestion is Claremont Hills Wilderness Trail (just about a 10-minute drive from us at The Pines at Montclair!). It’s a five-mile, kid-friendly loop with plenty of gorgeous views.

Due to COVID-19, face masks are required in parking lots and at trailheads. Also, be sure to stay socially distanced from other groups. Paid parking is available. Be sure to check Claremont Hills Wilderness Park’s website prior to your visit so you are aware of any new closures or additional guidelines, due to the pandemic.

It appears that drinking fountains are not available, so bring plenty of water. However, portable restrooms are now open, according to recent reviews, which makes this trail even more convenient for the little ones. Reviewers suggest getting to the trail early in the morning to secure parking, beat the heat, and avoid critters.

5. Movie Night

There’s nothing like lazy summer nights; they’re a great time to relax and have some fun with your kids. Movie night will be just the ticket: Pop some popcorn, add in some boxed theater candy, and enjoy a family-friendly flick together. If you really want to go the extra mile, have them create their own movie tickets and draw signs advertising the movie title. Or, go “drive-in style” by letting them build their own cardboard box cars to sit in during the show. Whatever you decide to do, your kids are sure to love this enjoyable activity.

This summer in Montclair is bound to be quite memorable. Yes, it is because of COVID-19. But that doesn’t have to be the only reason it’s memorable. By spending fun, quality time together through these five activities or some of your own, you’ll build meaningful memories that will last a lifetime!